My video/camera is not working on iOS

If your camera is not showing up during a meeting on your iOS device, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.

Note: Your video will automatically turn off if you open another app or switch to the home screen while in a Zoom meeting.

How to troubleshoot camera/video not working on iOS

    1. If your camera is off, tap Start Video.
    2. Ensure that no other apps, such as the Camera app, are currently using your camera.  Note: To see which apps are currently running, swipe up from the bottom of your screen or double-tap the Home button. To close the application, swipe up.
    3. Open the Settings app, then tap Zoom. 
    4. Tap the Camera toggle to allow Zoom to access your camera. 
    5. Restart your device.

If you are still experiencing camera issues, deleting and reinstalling the app might help.

For additional troubleshooting, submit a request to Zoom Support.