How do I enable H.239 or BFCP?

Zoom supports H.239 ITU standard for content sharing on a H.323 device and BFCP for content sharing on SIP device. This allows you to view a video stream as well as a content stream through your H.323 or SIP device if you have dual monitors. H.239 and BFCP are ON by default, and can be toggled with the instructions below.

How to enable dual screen mode (H.239 or BFCP) 

You will need to enable H.239 or BFCP in your device settings before using this feature with the Cloud Room Connector.

Sending content from H.323 or BFCP endpoint 

Receiving content on H.323 or BFCP endpoint

  1. Press "1" via DTMF code to access the menu.
  2. Press "0" to access more options.
  3. Press "1" to toggle H.239 or BFCP for dual-screen.

Note: To receive dual screen content, your H.323 endpoint should be publicly accessible or have 1:1 NAT configuration. H.239 may not work for some H323 devices behind NAT. 

The menu below appears when you press DTMF "1"

The menu below appears when you press DTMF "0"

For network configuration information, please see Network Firewall Settings for CRC.