Blank video when joining a meeting using a Microsoft Teams Room

When using a Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) to join a Zoom meeting through the Direct Guest Join Integration, the meeting participants may lose the ability to send and receive video sometime after the meeting has started (due to a Chromium bug). At this time, a toast notification will appear to alert you that the meeting is set to automatically reconnect with video after 30 seconds. The audio connection is not affected during this time. This workaround will be in effect for 2 hours after joining from the MTR device. If you experience this issue after two hours when joining a meeting from your MTR device, we recommend you to follow the steps below to re-join the meeting.

If the meeting reloading is particularly disruptive to the meeting, you may opt out of this experience at any time by selecting Enable auto-refresh if video is unavailable in the settings at the bottom of Zoom's UI.


Open: Workaround released on February 27, 2022.

Note: Microsoft Teams Rooms version or higher is required

Workaround for joining a meeting through Microsoft Teams Room

When Zoom detects that the Microsoft Teams Room is experiencing the issue, the application will automatically rejoin the meeting. If the application does not rejoin the meeting, we recommend doing the following:

  1. Exit the Zoom meeting.
  2. Rejoin the same Zoom meeting.
  3. Ensure that the meeting video is restored.

Direct Guest Join can also be disabled within the Account settings.