Customizing keys for devices with multiple users

If you assigned multiple phone users to the phone, you can customize the appearance and order of line keys. There are specific models that support multiple phone users.

Note: The associated desk phone will use these settings instead of the personal line key settings of the phone users assigned to the device. Phone users can view these settings but not change them. 

Prerequisites for customizing keys for devices with multiple users

How to customize keys for devices with multiple users

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Phone System Management then Phones & Devices.
  3. Click the Assigned tab.
  4. Click the name of a device that has multiple phone users assigned to it.
  5. Click the Ports & Positions tab.
  6. Click Manage Ports. You can view the following:
    • Port: Adjust the order of the shared lines. Drag and drop a row, or use the arrow buttons to move each row up or down in the order.
    • Port Owner: Displays the owner of the extension or phone number. 
    • Extension Type: Displays the extension or direct number of the line.
    • Alias (Optional): Enter an alias that is displayed for the associated line. An alias can make it easier to identify lines. The alias is only displayed on the desk phone's screen and doesn't affect the caller ID
      Note: Entering a custom alias will replace the default alias. The alias can be up to 32 characters in length.
    • Outbound Caller ID: Displays the outbound caller ID number for the line. You can change this in the phone user's line key settings.
  7. Click the up or down arrow to change the position of the port.
  8. Click Save.