Using call flip

Call flip allows you to place your current Zoom Phone call on hold and answer it on another device (Zoom desktop client, mobile app, or provisioned desk phone).

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using call flip

Note: If you don't have the prerequisites below, use call park as an alternative to call flip.

Call flip between desktop client, mobile app, or desk phone

Proximity call flip from mobile app to Zoom Room

How to initiate a call flip (originating device)

  1. Make or receive a call using the Zoom desktop client, mobile app, or a provisioned desk phone.
  2. Place the call on hold using the in-call controls.
    The other party will hear hold music while they are on hold.

How to answer a held call (destination device)

Desktop client or mobile app

  1. Click or tap the Phone icon.
  2. Click or tap the Lines tab to see the call you have placed on hold.
  3. Click or tap the hold icon  to answer the call.

Desk phone

Note: The following steps apply to most desk phones supported by Zoom Phone. For more information, visit the support site of your phone's manufacturer.

  1. Go to the home screen of your desk phone.
  2. Look for the phone line that is on hold. This is usually indicated by a Hold / Public Hold label, red icon, hold icon , or blinking red light if your phone has line keys.
  3. Press or tap the phone line to answer the call.

How to use proximity call flip (Zoom Room)

You can also use call flip to switch your call to a Zoom Room that has a phone license. This uses the  ultrasonic proximity signal feature to detect if a Zoom Room is close by.

  1. Make or receive a call using the mobile app.
  2. Enter a Zoom Room that you want to switch your call to.
  3. Tap More then Hand Off to Room.
    The Zoom mobile app will detect the nearby room and display the room name.
  4. Tap Hand Off to This Room to confirm the call flip.
    Note: If Zoom wasn't able to detect the room, you will be prompted to enter the sharing key to flip the call. The sharing key is usually displayed in the top-right corner of the Zoom Room display.

The Zoom Room display will show your profile name. The controller will show the in-call controls.