Hiding the participant count in a webinar

You can hide the participant count from other attendees in Zoom Webinars, however, it cannot be hidden from panelists. Additionally, hiding the participant list from other participants is not available in Zoom Meetings.

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Prerequisites for hiding the participant count in webinars

How to hide the participants list from other attendees

In Zoom Webinars, you can only change the attendees’ view to hide/view the participant count.

  1. In a webinar that you are hosting, click Participants.
  2. At the top of the Participants panel, click the Panelists tab, then click More.
  3. Under Allow attendees to, click View Participant Count to deselect the option.
    Attendees will not see the number of webinar attendees, but panelists will still be able to view the count and list of attendees.

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