Changing Waiting Room settings for Zoom Contact Center

After creating a Waiting Room, admins can change its settings. Waiting Rooms provide inbound video engagements with a media-rich waiting experience while waiting for an agent. For example, you can display your company’s logo and specify a description so that consumers are aware that an agent will be connected shortly.

You can also display the estimated wait time to consumers in the Waiting Room by enabling estimated wait time in the Route To Widget

This article covers:

Prerequisites for changing Waiting Room settings

How to access Waiting Room settings

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Contact Center Management then Waiting Room.
  3. In the last column, click the ellipses icon , then click one of these options:

Waiting Room settings

Waiting Room customization settings

Note: Click the desktop/mobile toggle above the Waiting Room preview to change customization settings for consumers using desktop or mobile devices. You must change settings for each view separately.

Waiting Room process when chat is enabled

The following steps outline the process for the user and consumer when the Allow users to chat with consumers setting is enabled.

  1. When a consumer is in a video engagement Waiting Room, users can chat with the consumer currently in a Waiting Room by clicking the Chat with Consumer option in the active engagements tab in the Zoom desktop client.
  2. The consumer will see a notification to Accept or Reject the invite to chat. 
    • If they click Accept, a chat panel will appear for the consumer. The supervisor will see a notification that the consumer accepted the chat invite; and will be redirected to a chat page with the consumer. The supervisor can access to the text box controls and right-side panel.
      Note: There can only be one supervisor in each Waiting Room chat. Other supervisors can't join the chat once a chat invite is accepted.
    • If they click Reject, the notification will disappear. The supervisor will see a notification that the consumer rejected the chat invite.
  3. The user can leave the chat at any time.
  4. When an agent is assigned to the engagement, the consumer will see a notification to click Join to accept the video call invite. The assigned agent will see the Waiting Room chat so they have context on what was discussed.