Supported VDI software requirements

The Zoom VDI Client runs exclusively on Windows-based operating systems and requires Windows Server 2012 at a minimum for server deployment.

Windows 7 and later are supported for VDI media offloading with the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) plugin if connected through Windows RDP. For example, a user can connect to their remote, non-VDI Windows 7 machine through RDP and offload Zoom media if the client and AVD plug-in are installed in their respective locations.

This article covers:

VDI minimum software requirements

Additional applications and versions known to be compatible with Zoom’s VDI offering are listed in the tables below.

VDI Server

VDI ServerMinimum Version
Citrix Server (DDC)XenDesktop 7.6
VMware Horizon ServerHorizon 7

VDI Client

VDI ClientMinimum Version
Citrix Desktop AgentVDA 7.13 - 2003 or 2009
Citrix Receiver*4.9 Workspace 2003
VMWare Horizon ClientHorizon 4.9
Mac OSX10.15 (beginning VDI 5.7.6)
HP ThinPro7.2

Note: Citrix Workspace Receiver must be an official Citrix version from their website and cannot be from the Microsoft Store.

Limitations for VDI features

Some Zoom features are not available with the VDI Client because of technical limitations related to the infrastructure and media offloading requirements.

The VDI Client has the following limitations: