Using the API for LTI Pro

LTI Pro supports bulk import and disassociates (remove) meetings via API. You can use Zoom’s REST API to programmatically create course meetings and then import them into LTI Pro courses. You can also use the API to disassociate the meetings from the LTI Pro course.

API information

All endpoints are available via https and are located at

For example, you can access:

Requirements for using the LTI Pro API

  1. Create your meetings using Zoom’s REST API.
  2. The admin importing the meetings on LTI Pro is an alternative host of the meeting. Ensure you have either:
    • Disabled the Auto Populate Alternative Host setting.
    • Created a new credential to be used only to import meetings. Don’t change any settings in the LTI Pro configuration page.
  3. Create a digital signature X-Lti-Signature for the request to be passed in request header for each endpoint.