Managing a Zoom Rooms Virtual Receptionist

To reduce direct contact, a virtual receptionist can be placed at any entrance or service area within or around the office. The physical distance between people provides a safer environment for everyone involved with the added benefit of a video experience. Ideally, a staff member can join a call and say hello to visitors before face to face contact takes place.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using a Virtual Receptionist

Note: If you're using Zoom Contact Center as an action button, see the prerequisites for integrating a Zoom Rooms kiosk with Zoom Contact Center.

How to add a Virtual Receptionist Kiosk

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Room Management then Zoom Rooms.
  3. Click Add Room.
  4. Select Kiosk as the Room Type and then select the Location. Calendar Integration is not available for Zoom Rooms Virtual Receptionist, so this option will be empty.
  5. Click Finish to be returned to the Zoom Rooms list.

How to edit a Virtual Receptionist Kiosk

  1. Click on Room Management and then click Edit next to the room you would like to modify.
  2. Each room element listed below can be edited:
    • Logo
    • Welcome message
    • Add action button
    • Background
  3. To edit an action button, click Add Action to see the following menu options: 
    • Use contacts from this account
      • Add Contacts
        The added users will be called when the action button is pressed and are selected from the first available on the call list. Up to four users within the account can be added to this field. The field will attempt to autocomplete as the user name is entered.
    • Use Zoom Contact Center
      • Select flow
        Applicable Zoom Contact Center flows will populate in the drop down. The Zoom Contact Center queue will be called when the action button is pressed. The field will attempt to autocomplete as the user name is entered.
        Note: Zoom Contact Center must be set up on your account to use this feature. Learn more about setting up a Zoom Rooms kiosk for a video flow. This feature is supported on
        Zoom Rooms for Touch for Windows, Zoom Rooms for Touch for Neat Appliances, and
        Zoom Rooms for Touch for iPad.
    • Button Name
      Enter the text that will be seen by the visitor. For example: "Check In"
    • Preview
      This section displays a dynamic preview of the button.
  4. Click Save to complete your changes to the action button.
  5. Click Save to finish editing the Kiosk.

How to troubleshoot issues with the Virtual Receptionist Kiosk