Broadcasting a Zoom meeting

In this article, we will discuss the hardware needed to stream an existing production setup. This setup assumes existing camera or camera switching device output via SDI or HDMI, primary content or content switching via HDMI, and professional program audio output. We will walk through the optimal capture devices used for a simple setup

Prerequisites for broadcasting a Zoom meeting

Hardware Overview


Equipment List


Video Capture

Audio Capture

How to configure a Zoom meeting broadcast

Note: These configurations are for BROADCAST and STREAMING only. 2-way communication is NOT possible with these settings, and would require display(s), microphones and speakers with appropriate audio processing.  See design guides for preferred Zoom Rooms hardware designs

  1. Prepare for your broadcast.
  2. Launch Zoom and select your devices
  3. Preserve Original Sound
    • This must be enabled at the account, group or user level.
    • Go to Settings>Audio>Advanced> Click "Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" from microphone
      • As this is a one-way broadcast, we will not need to transmit any audio processing such a acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction or auto gain control.
      • In Meeting, click "Enable Original Sound" to optimize the audio from the microphone capture
  4. Enable Group HD Full HD 1080p
    • This must be enabled at the account, group or user level.
    • See the Group HD Article
  5. Test your setup by joining the meeting with another computer.
    1. Validate video quality
    2. Validate audio quality & level

For a full Zoom Rooms studio experience, please see ProAV Production Studio (2-5 People)