ProAV Multi-Purpose Space (All-Hands/Training/Classroom)

Designed to meet the needs of dynamic spaces accommodating ( up to 30+ people), the ProAV Multi-Purpose Space makes use of dual 98” primary displays for the main viewing area, dual 65” repeat monitors for areas not covered by primary displays along with dual 55” confidence monitors for the presenter’s convenience. The standard system design consists of a camera for the presenter as well as up to an unlimited number of cameras for alternate viewing angles. Near and far-end audio amplification and playback as well as any in-room voice lift audio is managed by an external DSP.  Recommended microphones for this space are networked audio-based ceiling microphones in conjunction with a network-based wireless microphones system. An additional touch display can be configured in Whiteboard companion mode.

Note: ProAV rooms typically requires Zoom PSO or a certified ProAV integrator to design and deploy.

Presenter View

Audience View

Equipment List

Primary Display (Typically Wall Mounted)

Repeat Display (Typically Ceiling Mounted, QTY dependent on Room Size)

Confidence Display (Typically Ceiling Mounted)

Camera Options

Auto Tracking Presenter Camera
Audience Camera

Microphone Options

Ceiling Microphone Options (QTY dependant on Room Size)
Wireless Table Microphone Options (QTY dependant on Room Size)
Wireless Portable Microphone

Speaker Options

Ceiling Speaker Options

Audio DSP Options (Dependant on # of Mics)

Network Switch Options (QTY & Port count dependent on # of IP Devices)

Computer Options

Windows IoT Option
macOS Option

Controller Options

Scheduling Display Options

Cables & Accessories

Bulk supplies

Companion Whiteboard



Note: Please secure your network & devices appropriately for networked audio