Boardroom (Up to 22 people)

Intended for use in large rooms with up to 22 people, the boardroom is designed with dual displays, a 4K PTZ camera, microphones, and speakers. A total of 7 microphones can be added for optimal audio pickup. A single cable between Display & Table Rally hubs is needed for microphone signals. All components (camera/mic/speaker) are connected over a single USB connection to the computer. Most of the core equipment is mounted behind the front room displays.

Utilizing a dual-screen setup, conferences can make use of options such as extended gallery view and wireless content sharing. Controlled from the table by a Zoom-certified controller, meetings can be easily started from an integrated calendar or by joining ad-hoc.  Additionally, outside of the room, the Scheduling Display allows the user to view or reserve not only the room it is associated with but other nearby rooms as configured.



Display mounting options

Camera and audio system

Computer options

Controller Options

Scheduling Display Options

Cables and accessories

Companion Whiteboard (Optional)

Furniture (Optional)