Pre-configuring SIP/H.323

Pre-configuration for SIP/H.323 allows account owners and admins to configure the default video layout and input DTMF tones for when H.323 or SIP devices join their meeting via Room Connector. Users will be able to change the video layout or input DTMF tones via the device keypad once joined into a Zoom meeting.

Prerequisites for pre-configuring SIP/H.323

How to pre-configure SIP/H.323 for Room Connectors 

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Room Management.
  3. Click H.323/SIP Room Connector.
  4. Click the Configuration tab.
  5. Select one of the following:
    • Display Name on videos:
      • Only Display Active User: To display only the name of the active speaker.
      • Display All: Display the name of all users on screen.
      • Hide All: Hide the name of all users on screen.
    • Display Settings
      • Gallery: Select the default video layout as gallery.
      • Full screen: Select the video to be in full screen.
      • Active: Select the video to show the active speaker.
    • Webinars
      • Join Webinar as:
        • Panelist: Join a meeting as a presenter.
        • Attendee: Join a meeting as a participant that cannot present.
      • Start Webinar From H.323/SIP Device: Allows hosts to start a webinar from within the practice session, using the host key.  
    • DTMF Command: Enter a DTMF tone to automatically be sent upon joining the meeting, to choose a particular setting. Read about available DTMF tones.
    • Approved Devices: Allows pre-approved devices that can bypass the Waiting Room.
      • SIP/H.323 Rooms managed by Zoom Connector: Managed devices will be pre-approved to bypass the Waiting Room.
      • SIP/H.323 devices by IP address: Devices using the specified IP addresses, or addresses within the specified range, will be pre-approved when joining the Waiting Room.
      • SIP/H.323 devices with the specific public certificates: This allows the uploading of a certificate that will be used to verify if a device has been pre-approved.
    • Meeting chat visible on room system displays: Sets whether in-meeting chats are displayed on the device's display. This setting's default is enabled. 
      Note: When disabled, participants can still enable viewing in-meeting chat from the DTMF menu
  6. Click Save.