Comparing the functionality of Zoom Events types

Zoom Events hosts can choose their event type based on the interaction, size and scale, amount of sessions, and event experience they want for their participants. Hosts can choose from 3 different event types: multiple sessions, single-session, and recurring series event

Additionally, Zoom Events uses the functionality of Zoom Meetings and Webinars for sessions by adding dedicated event hubs, customizable registration and ticketing options, and attendee networking for free or paid event types.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for event types for Zoom Events

Note: For access to the latest Zoom Events and Webinar features, we strongly recommend hosts to update to the latest version of the Zoom desktop client/mobile application.

Event types for Zoom Events

Selecting your event type should be based on your event’s size and scale and how many sessions you are planning to have.

Multiple sessions

Use meetings and webinars to run a multi-day event that contains multiple tracks and multiple sessions. You can also run streaming previews of each session, as well as concurrent sessions, with dedicated chats. Attendees will also have access to an enhanced lobby, sponsor networking, and booths.

Use cases for the multiple sessions event format include but are not limited to:

Single session

Use the Zoom Sessions (single-session) event type if you want to create a single-day event that contains a single-session meeting or webinar. Event attendees can participate in Q&A sessions, join the event 15 minutes before it starts, and receive HD videos.

Use cases for the event format include but aren’t limited to:

For more information, visit Creating a Zoom Sessions event or Zoom Sessions support.

Recurring series event

Use the recurring series event to schedule events with multiple occurrences so that each occurrence has the same settings and information. These meetings can be scheduled in daily, weekly, and monthly increments.

With a recurring series event, attendees can register or purchase tickets for the entire series. Hosts can also create drop-in tickets that allow attendees to register or purchase tickets for specific dates in the series.

Event type comparison

The following table provides a comparison of the Zoom Events event types.

FeaturesSingle Session eventMultiple Sessions eventRecurring Series Event
Add co-editors 
Event Hub
Event page branding 
Free or *Paid ticket types
Single Meeting or Webinar
Enable Q&A
Event Lobby 
Multiple sessions  
Concurrent sessions  
Multi-day events  
Exhibitors feature 
Livestreaming to Lobby 
Enable HD video for Attendees
Duplicate event
Custom Registration questions 

*Paid events are only available in certain regions.