Zoom Phone Appliance user guide

The Zoom Phone Appliance unifies Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms capabilities into a simple and familiar user interface. The left window is the familiar Zoom menu with Home, Keypad, History, Voicemail, Contacts, and More. The Zoom Phone Lines window will always stay in view when navigating the menu options.

This article covers:


How to use the Home menu

The Home menu will bring up Zoom Meeting options for starting, joining, and displaying upcoming meetings.

How to use the Zoom Phone Lines and Keypad menu

The Lines and Keypad menu provides access to Zoom Phone number dialing, number and contact searching capabilities.

How to use the History menu

The History menu will display all missed, outgoing, incoming call history with access to contact information, date and time of calls.

How to use the Voicemail menu

The Voicemail menu provides voicemail history and access to playback and call functions. Voicemail transcription is not currently available.

How to use the Contacts menu

Zoom contacts are synced across all devices and clients including Zoom Phone appliance. Contacts menu displays People and Zoom Rooms contact cards.

How to use the Zoom Phone Appliance for Meetings

The Zoom Phone appliance brings the Zoom Room meetings experience to the phone. All the familiar Zoom capabilities of starting/joining a meeting, in-meeting participant and host controls, layout options, whiteboard, and security controls are available on the Zoom Phone appliance.

How to use the Zoom Phone Appliance for Phone Calls

The Zoom Phone appliance combines all the capabilities of Zoom Phone along with the features you would expect from a multiline phone to quickly access and call contacts, phone numbers, and perform mid-call activity like mute, hold, conference, transfer, record. You can also easily change the call to a Zoom meeting.

How to change the Zoom Phone Appliance settings

Web portal settings

Zoom Phone Appliances provides many of the features and settings available for Zoom for Home.

  1. Sign in to https://zoom.us to access your profile page.
  2. Click Settings, then Collaboration Devices. Click Edit next to the Zoom Phone Appliance device.
  3. From tabs displayed, you can customize:
    • Room Name
    • Location
    • Background Image
    • Device management
    • Meeting Reminders
    • Hide Self-View
    • Show non-video participants
    • Gallery View
    • In-meeting video
    • Content views
    • Alert settings
    • Digital Signage

Device settings

You can also configure certain settings on the Zoom Phone appliance itself.

  1. Tap More, then Settings to access General, Microphone, Speaker, Camera, and Phone settings.
    Note: Features such as Forward Calls and Location Permission are listed under Phone.
  2. Tap General to view software settings, settings for Screen Lock (with passcode), additional System Settings, Send Problem Report , Reboot, and Sign Out options.
  3. Tap System Settings to view vendor specific system settings for the desk phone such as Display preferences, Accessibility, Power Saving, Bluetooth, Wifi settings.
  4. Tap Microphone, Speaker, or Camera to adjust default level settings or perform tests.
  5. Tap Phone to display Direct, Company, Caller ID phone numbers and Area code. Enable Hide incoming calls while in a meeting if required.