Immersive Collaboration Space (Up to 12 people)

Intended for use in a collaborative environment with 3 displays with up to 12 people (two rows of 6 people), the Immersive Collaboration Space is designed as a space where users want a customized combination of the active speaker, the gallery view, the extended gallery view, or the content laid out dynamically across the three displays. Users can also take advantage of the smart gallery feature to enhance a sense of connectivity with the far-end participants.  Zoom Rooms scheduler is optional. 

Equipment List


Display Mounting Options

Stand (Optional)

Zoom Rooms Appliance (Bar + Controller Bundle)

Controller Options (Additional)

Scheduling Display Options

Cables and accessories

Companion Whiteboard (Optional)

Furniture (Optional)


Immersive TelePresence Conversion

Most existing Immersive TelePresence systems with traditional proprietary video conferencing hardware can be modified to have a Zoom Rooms experience laid out above by reusing the displays, enclosure, furniture, and many other existing components, and adding limited Zoom Rooms hardware. 

Existing Equipment List

Equipment to be reused

Equipment to be removed

New Equipment List