Profile cards in Zoom Meetings and Team Chat

Some of a user's profile information is provided in their profile card, providing others with important profile information about others in the meeting, such as their title, local time, working location, and personal note. Profile cards can be viewed for other participants in a meeting, or for a fellow member of a group chat or channel in Team Chat. Viewing profile cards outside of a meeting provides options to quickly start a 1:1 chat, start a Zoom Meeting with that contact, send an SMS, or call them with Zoom Phone.

Note: You can’t view profile cards for unauthenticated users in a meeting.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for viewing profile cards for other meeting participants

Information shown in your profile card

Your profile card displays information about yourself and your role to others that view your profile in a meeting or Zoom Team Chat. Depending on how much information is provided in your Zoom profile, the following information may be displayed:

Home tab

Contact tab

*Note: These options are not available when viewing the profile card of another participant in a meeting.

How to view a profile card in Team Chat

When in a 1:1 chat, a group chat, or a chat channel, others’ profile cards can be used at a glance to quickly reference important information about the other contact, so that you can better understand their role, responsibilities, time zone, or other aspects, and how that may affect the discussion. To view their profile card:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click the Team Chat tab .
  3. To the left of their name, hover your cursor over the contact’s profile picture or initials.
    The profile card will be displayed.

How to view a profile card in a Zoom Meeting

View profile cards for contacts

If you already have a meeting participant as a contact, you can easily view their profile card.

  1. In a Zoom meeting or webinar, hover over the video or avatar of a participant.
    Additional options and information will appear.
  2. Click the more options icon .
  3. Click View Profile.
    The participant’s profile card will appear in the meeting window.

View profile cards for external participants

While you can’t view profile cards for anyone you’re not already an established contact with, you can choose to connect with them first so that you can view their profile cards.

  1. In a Zoom meeting, hover over the video or avatar of a participant.
  2. Click View Profile.
    The participant’s profile card will appear in the right panel of the meeting window, but will be displayed with just their display name.
  3. Click Add Contact to send a contact request to them.
    After they accept, their full profile will be shown.

How to ensure your profile card has helpful information for other participants

Update your Zoom profile to help meeting participants understand key information when connecting with you. When populated, these fields appear in your profile card on Zoom Chat and in Zoom Meetings.