VPN Split Tunneling Recommendations

Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are crucial to securing data accessed by users working from remote locations.

One of the biggest challenges Zoom customers experience is related to not allowing our real-time media services over UDP 8801-8810 to split tunnel. Not allowing split tunneling for UDP 8801-8810 and TCP 443 to Zoom resources, does cause customers to experience significant additional load on their corporate internet connections due to the Zoom traffic having to enter the corporate network, only to exit again to the Zoom cloud for real-time meeting termination.  This also places a significant amount of burden on VPN concentrators and in many cases can cause overloading and congestion of this infrastructure.


When VPN services are used, to optimize the traffic flow Zoom recommends enabling Split Tunneling with the following:

Doing so will allow your users to access corporate data/assets more efficiently while having quality Zoom meetings that don’t impact your corporate internet, VPN and other data center infrastructure.