Using 1080p video for SIP/H.323 devices

Note: At this time, due to the increased platform usage, to ensure meeting stability, this feature is currently unavailable.

1080p video is available for H.323 and SIP devices in-meeting, for Business, Enterprise, and Education accounts. To use 1080p video, the bandwidth must be a minimum of 3mbps. 

Once Zoom Support has enabled 1080p for Room Connector devices on the account, an admin or owner will need to enable 1080p in account settings if it has not been enabled for the Desktop Client already. 

Note: Zoom recommends provisioning the device using the Zoom Cisco or Polycom API connector when using this feature. 

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using 1080p video with SIP/H.323 devices

How to enable 1080p for SIP/H.323 via the Zoom Connector

To enable 1080p for device provisioned through Zoom, it needs to be provisioned in the device settings:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Room Management then Cisco/Polycom Rooms.
  3. Click Edit next to the room that you are enabling 1080p for. 
  4. If advanced options are not showing, click Show advanced options.
  5. Click the toggle for Enable 1080p.

Note: Zoom recommends provisioning the device with the call rate set to a minimum of 3072.

How to use 1080p with SIP/H.323 with dialing strings

If the H.323/SIP device is not provisioned via the Zoom API Connector, to join a meeting using 1080p, 309 will need to be added to the dial string. Examples of the dialing strings can be found below:

H.323 dial string

     Meetings without a password:

[IP Address]##[Meeting ID]##309

     Meetings with a password:

[IP Address]##[Meeting ID]#[Password]#309

SIP dial string

Meetings without a password:

[Meeting ID]..309@[IP Address]
Example: 123456789..309@

     Meetings with a password:

[Meeting ID].[Password].309@[IP Address]
Example: 123456789.12345.309@