Using the Badges App


Reward and track learner participation using virtual badges. Keep learners engaged by displaying badges on their video tiles, as well as keeping a tally of results in the leaderboard, which can be exported as a CSV for upload to your learning management system.

Hosts can create separate badge sessions, such as a session for each class they teach or even a session for each activity. Additionally, different groups of users can also be tracked within a session, making it easier to sort and group participants, such as teams or groups in a classroom.

Note: The emojis used in this app belong to X, Inc and other contributors (Copyright 2020), and are licensed under CC-BY 4.0.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using the Badges App

How to install from the Zoom App Marketplace

To install the Badges app:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Search for Badges.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Review the requested permissions and click Authorize.
    Once installed, the app is displayed under the Apps section of the Zoom desktop client.

How to use the Badges App

Start a badge session and assign badges

  1. Start a meeting as the host.
  2. In the meeting controls, click Apps .
  3. Open the Badges app.
  4. Click Create a New Session.
    By default the meeting topic will be used as the Session Name, but this can be changed.
  5. Click Create to start the session.
    A new session will be created and, by default, all participants in the meeting are listed below for the host to assign badges, with the search bar available to quickly find specific participants.
  6. (Optional) Next to the name of the session , click the pencil icon  to edit the name of the session.
  7. Under each participant’s name, click the add badge icon  to assign a badge.
    Recently used badges are displayed below, with additional options available after clicking the ellipsis icon .
  8. Click an available emoji to add that badge to that participant.
    Once a badge is assigned, the host can click on that badge to adjust the number of that specific badge assigned to this participant.
  9. Click End Session when the session is over.
    This will save the current badge assignments for this session.

Create a tag

In addition to creating a new session, tags can also be created, edited, and merged ahead of time through Settings.

  1. Open the Badges app.
  2. Click the Settings tab .
    Under the Manage Tags section, all current tags are listed, with the following options next to each:
    • Edit icon : Edit the name of the tag.
    • Delete icon : Delete this tag.
  3. Click Create New Tag.
  4. Enter a name for this tag and click Create.
    This tag will now be available when creating a new session or in an existing tag.

Control badge visibility

When badges are assigned, the host can choose to display each participant’s badges in their video tile. Badges and how many of each are displayed in the bottom right corner of each participant’s video tile, after they have added the Badges app.

  1. Open the Badges app.
  2. Click the Settings tab .
  3. Click the Display Badges to Participants toggle to enable or disable badge visibility.
    For each participant to have their badges visible, they must each have the following:
    • The Badges app open
    • Their video enabled
    • The Mirror my video option disabled.
      Learn more about changing video settings.

View and share badge leaderboards

  1. Open the Badges app.
  2. Click the Leaderboard tab .
    All participants are displayed, with their overall badge count, as well as the count for each badge.
    Note: This displays the badge count for all inactive sessions, so any active badge sessions are not reflected in the leaderboard.
  3. (Optional) Use the 2 filters to narrow the leaderboards, either by user sessions or tags or specific badges. Sessions with the same name can be filtered by date and time.
    Note: The date filter is only shown when a single session is selected.
  4. (Optional) Click Export as CSV to export the current view of the leaderboards as a CSV file.
  5. Click Share Results to share the current leaderboard to all meeting participants.

Export badge sessions

The host can also export the current badge assignments, which can be then uploaded to their learning management system.

  1. Open the Badges app.
  2. Open a session from the list of recent sessions.
  3. In the bottom right corner of the panel, click the ellipsis icon .
    Additional options will be displayed.
  4. Click Export as CSV.
    The current badge assignments will be exported as a CSV file.

How to uninstall from the App Marketplace

  1. Log in to the App Marketplace web portal.
  2. Click Manage and then click Added Apps.
  3. Next to the Badges app, click Remove.

Data Security

The application uses the zoomapp:inmeeting scope to allow users to open it during Zoom meetings, as well as display virtual badges on users’ video foregrounds. Please refer to the Zoom privacy statement for details on how Zoom collects, uses, and shares personal data.

See the full list of Zoom Apps SDK methods accessed by this app below: