Getting started with Zoom Phone Appliance Hardware as a Service

Zoom Phone Appliance delivers all the capabilities of Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone in an easy, compact desk phone experience. From their Zoom Phone Appliance, phone users can join/start/control Zoom Meetings, search contacts, call/transfer/conference calls, access multiple lines, access voicemails and escalate a Zoom Phone call to a meeting. 

With Zoom Phone HaaS, you can purchase and deploy a complete phone solution with virtually no upfront costs. See our data sheet for a quick overview. 

Follow this guide if you're an admin that purchased Zoom Phone Appliance HaaS devices and want to assign them to users. See our getting started guides for Zoom Phone HaaS devices or appliances for more information on other devices. 

Prerequisites for setting up a Zoom Phone Appliance HaaS device

Note: You must contact Zoom to enable common area phone (Shared Office) configurations for Zoom Phone Appliances.

How to set up a Zoom Phone Appliance HaaS device

Admins can assign and enroll a Zoom Phone Appliance HaaS device in Zoom Device Management (ZDM) for managing applications and platform OS upgrades. 

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Device Management then Device List.
  3. In the Zoom Device Types drop-down menu, select Zoom Phone Appliance.
    Note: After purchasing a Zoom Phone HaaS device, it will be automatically provisioned to the account. It will appear as an unassigned device in the device list.
  4. Next to the device you want to assign, click the ellipses icon (...) then click Assign to User or Assign to Shared Office (Common Area).
    Note: If you signed up for a new Zoom account after May 21, 2022; or the New Common Area Experience is enabled on your account, Shared Offices have migrated to the new Common Area tab in the Users & Rooms page. As a result, click Assign to Common Area for this step.
  5. Search for desired phone user or common area phone, then click Assign.
    The device will be automatically signed in under that phone user or common area phone.
  6. (Optional) To rename the device, click the ellipses icon (...) next to the device, then click Rename.
  7. Enter desired name and click Rename.

Once enrolled, you can change device management settings like force upgrade the Zoom Phone Appliance application and platform OS.