Getting started with integrations

Zoom offers many integrations with third-party vendors to simplify workflows. Browse all available apps and integrations in the Zoom App Marketplace. Additionally, some integrations are available as extensions and plugins.

Downloadable plugins include the Microsoft Outlook plugin, the Google Chrome extension for scheduling with Google Calendar, the Firefox add-on for scheduling with Google calendar, and the Skype for Business (Lync) plugin. Zoom also offers an Outlook web add-in, which can be installed from your Office 365 admin portal.

Zoom is configurable with identity providers for single sign-on based on SAML 2.0. 

You can also develop your own integrations through the Zoom Marketplace with REST API, Desktop SDK, or MobileRTC™ stacks . 

Prerequisites for getting with integrations

Note: Some integrations have additional prerequisites which are listed in the documentation for those integrations.

How to get started with integrations

Configure Integrations in your Zoom web portal

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Advanced then Integration.
  3. Configure or enable the integrations that you want for your Zoom account.

Note: Integrations are available and moving to the Zoom App Marketplace, although the configuration options may be available in the Zoom web portal for legacy purposes. For integrations available on both the web portal and the App Marketplace, we recommend configuring the Marketplace app for the best user experience.