Zoom Rooms display systems on/off

In this article, we will discuss some features that apply to non-operating hours. We recommend utilizing Room Controls to control display systems based on operation times. This way we can control devices directly, dictating exactly what command goes to the device based on the event within the Zoom software.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using display features

Room controls

Black Screen Mode

Room Controls

Room controls will allow direct IP control of a device over a network based on operating hours as defined by the user.  We recommend getting a secondary network adapter for your Zoom Room computer and assign a static IP to that network adapter. Using a small switch, connect the Zoom Rooms computer USB network interface, as well as network-controlled devices, to that network switch.  

How to set up Room Controls

  1. Copy/paste the JSON sample text into your room controls profile on the Zoom Portal.
  2. Set static IP address on USB network interface on the Zoom Room.  See the sample static IP table for reference. 
  3. Set static IP address on controlled devices.
  4. Validate your operating hours settings to verify a start and stop time for your system.

Recommended equipment

Display Control

In this example, we will provide files for single and dual LG UH5EB displays.  IP addresses will match the sample static IP table.



JSON samples:

Projector & Screen Control

In this example, we will control two projectors. Using response filters, we will listen for an acknowledgement from the projector of an on/off command, resulting in a customized event to lower or raise the screen to align with the system. Buttons will be available for projector control which will translate to screen control.



JSON sample:

Black Screen Mode

Zoom Rooms video output will automatically go black during non operation time. No setup necessary.

Note: Zoom recommends using the Device Operation Time Black Screen Mode to put TV to black screen mode instead of using HDMI-CEC. 

CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)

Zoom Rooms no longer support CEC controls via the Zoom Rooms application. Room Controls are the contemporary solution.