Using Zoom for Amazon WorkSpaces

Zoom supports virtual desktops with a Windows VDI Plugin for Amazon WorkSpaces (AWS). This plugin uses the connection between the AWS application and the desktop to provide the VDI Zoom Meeting client with the ability to offload audio and video through the VDI Plugin.

This article covers: 

Prerequisites for using Zoom for Amazon WorkSpaces

Limitations for Zoom for Amazon WorkSpaces

The Zoom team in collaboration with Amazon has made every effort to include the full range of features supported for all our VDI platforms and plugins. The following are some known limitations:

Known limitation with using WSP for Amazon WorkSpaces

There is a known compatibility issue regarding use of the WSP protocol causing the VDI plugin to not automatically reconnect to the VDI client, if the user disconnects from and reconnects to their virtual desktop. The user must fully restart the Zoom app on the virtual desktop for the plugin to be able to successfully reconnect. 

Admins can avoid this issue by disabling the Enable/disable automatic reconnect setting and applying this group policy change with gpupdate /force to apply the change immediately. Learn more about how to disable this policy here, under the Set the session resume timeout for WSP section. 

Zoom is working towards a solution that resolves this issue and doesn't require additional configuration steps. 

How to enable Amazon WorkSpaces for Zoom Meeting media plugin

Before providing the Zoom VDI solution to users, a Group Policy Object (GPO) must be added to Amazon WorkSpaces.

The Zoom VDI Plugin for Amazon Workspaces requires the use of PCoIP protocol.

VDI version compatibility

Note the following requirements when installing the VDI Zoom Meeting client and Zoom VDI Plugin. While the initial release requires installing version 5.12.6 or higher, future updates for new releases should be done by updating the VDI Zoom Meeting client (installed on the virtual desktop) first.

Versions of the VDI Zoom Meeting client are backwards compatible with older versions of the VDI plugin. After updating the VDI Zoom Meeting client on the virtual desktop, users can update the VDI plugin to the matching version. If the VDI plugin is updated before the VDI Zoom Meeting client, the connection between the Zoom Meeting client and the VDI plugin will fail.

Note: You can also confirm VDI optimization.

How to install Zoom for Amazon WorkSpaces

Optimization for Zoom Meetings and Amazon WorkSpaces requires installing two software packages, the Zoom VDI client and the Zoom VDI plugin. These versions must be compatible with Amazon WorkSpaces (5.12.6 or higher) and each other, as the plugin version must be equal to or less than the client version.

Install the Zoom VDI Meeting client

If you do not have administrator privileges, you will need to work with IT to install the VDI Zoom Meeting client for your desktop. For deployments that provide Amazon WorkSpaces for many users, IT will likely handle updating everyone with the required version.

If you have administrative privileges for your Amazon WorkSpaces desktop, you can download and install the VDI Zoom Meeting client while connected to your Amazon WorkSpaces desktop.

To download and install the VDI Zoom Meeting client as an administrator:

Install the Zoom VDI plugin

To complete your installation to support Amazon WorkSpaces, you must install the Zoom VDI plugin on the Windows workstation where the Amazon WorkSpaces client is installed.

  1. In your Windows workstation, open a web browser and access VDI releases and downloads.
  2. Open the section for the plugin version you want to install.
    Note: The plugin version must be equal to or less than the VDI client version installed above.
  3. Within the accordion you've selected under Amazon WorkSpaces, click either of the options provided (32-bit or 64-bit, depending on your device) to download that version's installer.
  4. Under the Amazon WorkSpaces section, click the link for the Windows Universal Installer (Phone and Meetings).
    Note: For versions 5.15.2 and later, both 32-bit and 64-bit options are available.
  5. When the installation package has been downloaded, open the installer.
    A Select Installation Type dialog box will appear.
  6. In the dialog box, select Custom, then select the AWS VDI Plugin (Amazon WorkSpaces plugin) checkbox.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Follow the instructions to complete the installation of the VDI plugin.

Note: If you do not see the AWS VDI Plugin checkbox selection, confirm that you downloaded Windows Universal Installer version 5.12.6 or higher.

How to confirm Amazon WorkSpaces optimization

After installing the VDI Plugin, you can verify that the optimization solution is working:

  1. Start your Amazon WorkSpaces client and connect to your Amazon WorkSpaces desktop.
  2. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  3. Click your profile picture, then click Settings.

    A Settings dialog box will appear.
  4. In the navigation menu, click Statistics , then click the VDI tab.
  5. Next to VDI Plugin Status, verify that the state is Connected.
    This will confirm that the VDI plugin has been loaded and optimization for your Zoom Meetings will be used with your Amazon WorkSpaces session.

After confirming the VDI Plugin Status is connected, it is recommended checking your Video  and Audio  client settings to confirm your preferred devices are selected for use.

Troubleshoot Zoom for Amazon WorkSpaces connection issues

If the VDI Plugin Status is not displaying Connected, first, double-check that you have installed the minimum version for the three required components:

  1. Amazon WorkSpaces client: version or higher
  2. VDI Zoom Meeting client: version 5.12.6 or higher
  3. Zoom VDI Plugin for Windows: version 5.12.6 or compatible version for Zoom client version
    Note: For releases of Zoom software after release 5.12.6, confirm that the version of the VDI Zoom Meeting client is equal to or higher than the version of the Zoom VDI Plugin installed on the Windows workstation connecting to Amazon WorkSpaces.

How to use the DisableAWSPlatform policy

Providing an optimization solution for Amazon WorkSpaces is intended to not only improve the Zoom Meeting experience, but also offload processing required when participating in a Zoom meeting and the VDI plugin is not available.

However, for administrators with concerns about the use of the VDI Plugin, the DisableAWSPlatform registry key can be added to the virtual desktop to disable connection attempts from the VDI Zoom Meeting client to the VDI Plugin. Learn more about VDI registry settings.