Zoom billing support

We understand how important Zoom products are for keeping you connected at work, school, and in your personal life. When it comes to your billing needs, Zoom remains committed to providing the best possible customer experience.

This article covers:

Billing resources in the Zoom Help Center

The Zoom Help Center is your first stop for accessing all our best tips and tricks as well as answers to your most pressing questions. Access the Zoom Help Center any time day or night at support.zoom.com.

In the Zoom Help Center, you will find billing resources in the following areas:

Contact options based on account

When you have questions that our Zoom Help Center can’t solve, there are several options to get additional support from Zoom billing experts.

Free account users

If you are leveraging our basic free account, we offer unrestricted access to our online resources including: video tutorials, knowledge base, and user guides. Virtual assistance via our chatbot is also available

Paid account users

All licensed, paid account users receive full web support including access to our video library, knowledge base, and user guides. Additionally, Zoom account owners/administrators may leverage our chat and web case support.

For account owners, admins, and members of Zoom Business, Education, Enterprise, and API accounts, we offer chat, web case, and phone support as options.

All accounts may leverage Zoom’s self-service resources for reporting abusive behavior, billing discrepancies, and accessing our sales team.

Contacting Billing

Web case

For fast help, licensed users of paid accounts may create a web case describing your question or issue in detail and our billing experts will resolve the issue and respond to you quickly. Submit your web case here: Online Web Case.

Bolt, our chatbot

Access our virtual assistant Bolt, the chatbot to receive help with our most common questions. When questions are too complex for Bolt to answer, paid account users may continue on to a live chat support agent for 24x7 assistance. Access our chatbot from the right side of any page on the Zoom Help Center.


Account owners, admins, and members of Business, Education, Enterprise or API accounts can report billing requests to Zoom via phone.

Note: Please have your Zoom account number and billing postal code ready when reaching Zoom billing via phone.