iPad ZDM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you enroll iPads using Apple Business Manager (ABM)?

Download the public key from the Zoom web portal and upload it to ABM to create a new MDM server. Download the server token from ABM and upload it to Zoom Rooms MDM via Zoom web portal. After the token has been added, navigate back to ABM and assign your device to the new MDM server you created. Review more detailed instructions if necessary. 

Can I still enroll my iPad using Apple Business Manager (ABM) if my iPad wasn’t purchased from Apple or an authorized reseller?

Users were previously able to enroll their devices in an MDM service using Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Users with Apple Business Manager (ABM) now have restrictions if their iPads were not purchased with an Apple Business account. These users only can add devices with iOS 11+ to ABM using Apple Configurator 2. 

Does my iPad have to be new to be enrolled in Zoom Rooms MDM?

No, you can enroll used iPads with the individual enrollment option. Additionally, you can use Apple Configurator 2 to add iOS11+ devices to Apple Business Manager. 

How do you unassign an iPad from Zoom Rooms MDM? (Apple Business Manager)

To unassign a device that was enrolled using ABM, you need to navigate to Apple Business Manager. Click on: Device Assignments > Choose Device > Choose Action > Unassign. If you Release the device, you may not be able to add it back to Apple Business Manager. Unassigning the device from ABM will remove the device from the server. You can enroll the device again from ABM if you wish or use the iPad as a normal iPad.

How do you remove an iPad from Zoom Rooms MDM? (Individual)

To remove an iPad that was enrolled individually, you need to delete the profile on the iPad. This can be done from the iPad in Settings: > General > Profiles & Device Management > Zoom Rooms MDM > Remove Management. This will remove the iPad from Zoom Rooms MDM and you will no longer be able to manage it. You can enroll the iPad again if you wish or use it as a normal iPad.

How do I configure Zoom Rooms MDM features after I’ve enrolled the device?

Configure the features from Zoom Rooms tab of your Zoom web portal.

How much does Zoom Rooms MDM cost?

Zoom Rooms MDM is included in your Zoom Rooms subscription for no additional fee.

What can I try if my Zoom Rooms app didn’t automatically download after successfully enrolling?

If you installed the device individually, you can remove the profile directly from the iPad in Settings and try scanning the QR code or entering the access code again. After installing the profile, the Zoom Rooms app should begin to download.

What can I try if I don’t see my device in the dropdown list when trying to Assign a Room?

Try manually entering the serial number of the device. If this does not work, we recommend verifying that the device has not already been assigned to another room.