How to use Zapier

With Zapier, you build simple automations called Zaps that work in the background and automate your work. For example, you can create a Zap that automatically subscribes new Zoom Webinars registrants to a MailChimp list, or create a Zap that registers a contact for a Zoom Webinars whenever a form is completed or a PayPal purchase is completed.

Every Zap has a trigger app, that kicks off the automation and causes an action to happen in another app. Zapier is the connection between these apps and allows you to connect and automate the tools you use to run your business.

This article covers:


Triggers with Zoom

Triggers mean that when something occurs in Zoom, Zapier causes an action in another app. 

Available Triggers with Zoom:

Actions with Zoom

Actions mean that when something occurs in another app, Zapier causes an action in Zoom.

Available Actions with Zoom:

Configuring Zoom and Zapier

The following will go over a quick example of how to configure Zoom on Zapier. 

  1. If you have not already done so, sign up for Zapier.
  2. Sign in to Zapier and select Make A Zap.
  3. After selecting Make A Zap, you will be prompted to select a trigger.choose-trigger-app.png

  4. When you add Zoom as either the trigger or action, you will need to connect your Zoom account. 
  5. Selecting Connect a Zoom Account will prompt you to enter the Zoom API Key and Secret for Zapier. This is a different API Key and Secret than the one you use for other integrations.
    The Zapier API Key and Secret is under Integration Authentication section under the My Meeting Settings section of Zoom.
    Note: The Key and Secret here have been blocked out for security purposes. Your Key and Secret will not be obscured.
  6. Press test to confirm it's working correctly.
  7. If entered correctly, the following message will appear.
  8. Follow the steps to finish creating your Zap and test your Zap.
  9. Once testing is completed, you can turn on your newly created Zaptest-notification.png
  10. On your Integrations page in Zoom, you can see any events with Zapier by clicking on View Configuration

Popular Zaps Using Zoom

Registering webinar attendees

You can use Zapier to automatically register participants for a webinar when they sign up via another app, like a form or an email list. For example, if you're collecting sign-ups for a webinar via a form or a calendar invite, you can build automation (a Zap) that watches for new signups in your form and registers that contact for a webinar automatically. That way, you don't have to manually add webinar registrants by hand.

Here are some of the ways Zoom users are automating their webinar workflows with Zapier.

Using Zapier and a payment processor to register paid webinar attendees

If you are running a paid webinar, you can use Zapier to help register paid attendees to your webinar automatically. To do this, you'll need:

Zapier works in the background, connecting your payment processing app to Zoom automatically. The trigger event in Zapier will be a new order or payment from your payment collection app. For example, the "New Order" trigger in Eventbrite or the "Successful Sale" Trigger in PayPal. That means that every time a successful order is captured, Zapier will kick off the automated workflow.

Then, you'll set an Action event to "Create Registrant" in Zoom. By clicking "Use this Zap" below, you'll be guided through the setup of this workflow step-by-step.

If you are still having difficulty setting up Zoom's Zapier integration, submit a request to Zoom Support to help identify the issue.