June 2021: Expanded Webinar Capacity

We are in the process of updating webinar capacity for paid standalone users of Webinar 100 licenses (increasing capacity up to 500 attendees) and Webinar 500 licenses (increasing capacity up to 1000 attendees) at no additional cost. This additional capacity will automatically be added to the affected accounts between June 21 and July 7th. There will be no changes to billing. If your account is being updated, an email is being sent out with the exact date the additional capacity will take effect.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Zoom implementing these upgrades?

In order to allow our customers to host larger webinars at a lower price, we have made the decision to discontinue Webinar 100 and lower the price for our Webinar 500 license. Because of this change, we are providing complimentary upgrades to all of our Webinar 100 and Webinar 500 customers. This upgrade will not change your billing contract terms or your pricing.

I have Webinar 1,000, am I eligible for an upgrade?

Unfortunately, only paid standalone Webinar 100 and 500 licenses are eligible.

How long will my upgrade last and how long will I be able to pay the existing rate?

The changes to the Webinar capacity are permanent. Regarding webinar rates, your billing terms will remain the same as long as your contract is active. If you have a time-boxed contract, the new rate will become effective upon execution of a new contract.

What if I had a standalone webinar license and I cancelled it? If I purchase a new license, will I need to pay the new price?

If you cancel your existing contract, you will be subject to the new prices for our Webinar products. Webinar 500 will be our new Webinar license entry offer (new pricing will go into effect on July 7, 2021) Only existing contracts for standalone Webinar 100 and Webinar 500 are eligible for this complimentary upgrade.

Will Zoom offer Webinar 100 anymore or is Webinar 500 the new minimum?

In order to allow our customers to host larger webinars at a lower price, we have made the decision to discontinue Webinar 100.

If I buy additional licenses, will I have to pay the new rate or my existing contract?

Additional purchases made by customers afterJuly 7 will be at the then current rates for Webinar products.

If I want to upgrade from 500 to 1,000 capacity today, what price will I pay?

All existing customers with a paid standalone Webinar 500 license will have increased capacity of up to 1000 at their current Webinar 500 rate, which will continue for as long as the customer's licenses remain active. Should you wish to purchase additional licenses post-upgrade, you will pay the given price at the date of purchase.

When will the upgrade affect my account?

Between June 21 and July 7th, the additional capacity will automatically be added to accounts and customers will be able to host webinars with their new capacity.

Will there be any service disruption during the change to the webinar plans?

No, we do not anticipate any service disruptions due to this change.

My webinar licenses were unassigned / I want to reassign a webinar license. How do I do that? 

The account owner or admins can assign or reassign licenses to users through the Users page.

What if I bought my Webinar license through a reseller, distributor, or channel partner?

Expanded capacity for customers who purchased Webinar 100 or Webinar 500 licenses through a reseller, distributor or channel partner will take place over the course of the next few months. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Does this change apply to all account types and users?

No, this change applies to all paid, standalone Webinar 100 and Webinar 500 licenses.

Are there any changes to panelist capacity?

Webinar panelist capacity will continue to follow the same format we have in place today. The number of webinar panelists is dependent on the capacity of the host’s meeting license.

Is my Enterprise account eligible for this upgrade?

Unfortunately, the upgrade is only available to customers with a standalone webinar license. Any webinar license that is part of an Enterprise bundle is not included in this promotion.