Understanding the event organizer role in expo

Expo is a feature in the Zoom Events product that allows event organizers to set up a virtual exhibition that connects attendees with other exhibitors and booths to discover more about their products and services. It allows networking between any participants through 1:1 chat in expo (the expo floor and inside booths).

This article covers:

Frequently asked questions about expo

Can expo be enabled for single/series events?

No. Currently, expo is only available for the multiple sessions event type.

Can a co-editor set up and configure expo?

Yes, the co-editor role can set up, configure, and edit expo as long as the event organizer gives them permission to make changes to the Expo tab.

Where do I find the expo feature to turn it on for my event?

  1. In the event creation flow, access the Expo tab.
  2. Under Expo Builder, click the Details tab.
  3. Click Edit Times, then set your date and times.
  4. Click the Save button at the bottom.

Can the expo dates/times extend beyond the event start and end dates and times?

No. Expo dates/times of operation need to be in the event start/end dates and times. It cannot start before the event and cannot go beyond the end date and time of the event.

What types of booths are supported in expo?

There are 3 types of booths that are supported in expo. These are exhibitor booths, sponsor booths, and expo booths. The expo floor can display a mix of all booths.

Do I need exhibitors or sponsors to use expo?

No. You can have an expo without exhibitors or sponsors. You can create an expo with all non-sponsored (expo) booths.

How many booths will expo support?

Currently, for non-sponsored booths, you can have 300 non-sponsored booths at expo.

For exhibitor and sponsored booths, hosts can add up to 100 exhibitor/sponsor booths to their expo. However, please consider the size of the expo and how long the expo will be open to give all attendees the time to browse and interact with the booths.

Can sponsors set up and configure their own booths?

No. At this point, only the event organizer is allowed to set up, configure, and edit sponsored booths.

Can I create my own sponsorship tiers?

No. Zoom Events supports the ability for event organizers to customize their own sponsorship tiers. Event organizers can rename the 3 default tiers. The Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsorship tiers are available by default.

Can I create my own expo floor layout?

No. We currently offer 2 pre-defined floor templates to choose from, with the ability to do some basic configurations.

The 2 pre-defined templates are Segmented and Mixed. Segmented is basically organized by booth type (sponsorship levels or non-sponsored booths) while Mixed is mixing up the different sponsors and non-sponsors on the floor. Segmented is the default layout.

Can I customize the expo floor with my event branding/logo?

The Welcome area and other parts of the expo floor are not customizable with your event branding/logo. 

However, you can customize booth resources and booths in expo.

Can I make changes to any part of expo once the event is published?

Yes. Even if the event has been published, the event organizer can go back to the Expo tab and make edits. Specifically, edits to expo can be made the day of the event, when the event has started, or before expo is open.

However, once expo is open or live, any changes made to the booth (i.e., disabling a booth or adding/removing spaces) may not be seen by the participants unless they refresh the event lobby or leave and rejoin the event.

Where do I add exhibitors and sponsors for expo?

First, in the Exhibitors tab of the event creation flow, ensure that you have added exhibitors and/or sponsors along with their representatives. Then, you can add exhibitor/sponsored booths in the Booths tab of expo.

The host can always return to the Exhibitors tab and add more exhibitors/sponsors. When the host goes to the Booths tab in expo, they can click + Add Booth. Then, they can click Exhibitor Booths and add either exhibitor or sponsored booths. The host will see all the new exhibitors/sponsors that were created in addition to the ones previously not selected for expo.

How many booth/exhibitor/sponsor representatives can I have? Where do I add them?

There is a maximum limit on how many exhibitors/sponsors can be added to an event as well as a limit to how many representatives per sponsor. Representatives are added in the Exhibitors tab (for their specific exhibitor/sponsor). Hosts can add 100 sponsors, and all sponsorship tiers (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) can have up to 20 representatives.

For non-sponsored (expo) booths, booth owners can have up to 20 booth representatives. Booth representatives are added in the Expo tab for their specific non-sponsored booth.

Can I join the expo floor before it starts?

Yes. As the event organizer, exhibitor/sponsor, representative, booth owner, or booth representative, you can enter expo before the event start date and time, as soon as you join the lobby. This allows you to set up and prepare your booth spaces before attendees are allowed to enter.

Can I disable expo 1:1 chat?

As the event organizer, you have the ability to turn on 1:1 chat in the Lobby Chat and Networking tab (control panel). For more information, please visit this support article on how to turn off 1:1 chat.

Can I disable expo during the event?

Yes. As the event organizer, you can turn expo off:

  1. Access the Expo tab in the event creation flow.
  2. Under Expo Builder, click the Details tab.
  3. Click Edit Times.
    The Edit Expo Times window will appear.
  4. In the window, click Disable Expo.
  5. In the verification dialog box, click Disable Expo to confirm.

If expo is disabled during the event, the expo icon will still appear unless you refresh the lobby. Those who join the event lobby after expo is disabled will not see the expo icon. When you do not publish expo during the event creation flow, expo will not appear in the event lobby’s navigation bar (for attendees).


What data is available to me?

As the event organizer, an expo module in the Analytics section is available for you to view during and after events. There are also several expo-related reports you can download as CSV files.