Using a dial-by-name directory

A dial-by-name directory allows callers to search a Zoom account's phone users by entering a first or last name. After performing a search, the caller can route to the a phone user. The dial-by-name directory only supports British and American English. Zoom Phone admins can determine who is included in a dial-by-name directory so some users may not be searchable.

Follow this article if you've dial in to a Zoom Phone number and were routed to the dial-by-name directory.

How to use a dial-by-name directory

The dial-by-name directory uses predictive text technology that only requires the caller to press one key for each letter. The system translates the numbers in to a name and searches the directory. For example, to search the name "Grant", a caller should pressĀ 4 (GHI), 7 (PQRS), 2 (ABC), 6 (MNO), 8 (TUV).

After entering a name to search, the IVR will look for the best match and read the phone user's name and extension number. You will also hear an audio prompt to explain the following options: