Using the Infusionsoft integration

Note: The InfusionSoft integration is now available in the Zoom Marketplace. If setting up a new integration, use the Marketplace app. Learn more about the InfusionSoft Marketplace integration.

The Infusionsoft integration allows for a quick way to automatically register attendees to Zoom Webinars, track attendance, create customized branded reminders and automate follow-up messages.

With Zoom-Infusionsoft Integration, you can register your prospects and customers for Zoom Webinars without requiring them to register on the Zoom Webinars Registration page. This will allow them to “register” for Zoom Webinars through Infusionsoft using links, web forms, product purchases, etc. Once their information is passed over to Zoom via the integration, Zoom will assign their unique webinar join link as a custom object that can be included in an email sent as confirmation through Infusionsoft. With this custom object, you will be able to completely customize any follow-up or reminder emails and provide the registrant’s unique link to join. You will also be able to tag your prospects/customers as attended so that you can send appropriate follow-up information to those who did or did not attend.

This article covers:

Note: The following instructions are specific to a paid Infusionsoft account. If you are using a trial account for Infusionsoft, some examples and instructions may differ.

Prerequisites for integrating with Infusionsoft

How to add and configure

Configuring the domain and Encrypted Key

  1. Log into InfusionSoft
  2. Under the Infusionsoft navigation, click Settings under the Admin section.
  3. On the left navigation, click Application under Application settings
  4. In the API section, enter your API Passphrase (keep this private and secure) if you have not enabled the InfusionSoft API.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Copy the Encrypted Key value and save it for later.
  7. Copy your Infusionsoft domain and save it for a later step (your Infusionsoft domain should be in the format of
  8. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace.
  9. Search for Infusionsoft and click the app.
    If the app is not pre-approved contact your Zoom admin to approve this app for your account.
  10. Click Install. 
  11. Confirm the permissions the app requires, and choose Allow.
    You will then see the configuration page for Infusionsoft.
  12. Paste the API key and Infusionsoft Domain from steps 2 and 3.
  13. Click Save Changes.

Adding custom fields in Infusionsoft

  1. Log into Infusionsoft and navigate to Admin, then click Setting.
  2. Click General and locate the Custom Fields section.
  3. Select the dropdown for Set up custom fields for: and choose Contact.
  4. Click Go.
  5. Choose Field in the dropdown and click Add.
  6. In the Name field enter **_WebinarJoinLink**.
  7. In the Type field choose Text.
  8. Select Save this Field.
  9. (Optional) If you will be using Infusionsoft with multiple webinars, create a custom field for each with a unique name. For example, use _WebinarJoinLink1, _WebinarJoinLink2, etc.

Webinar and Campaign setup

The following steps will need to be completed for each Webinar/Campaign that you need to use the Zoom and Infusionsoft integration.

Schedule a Webinar

  1. Login to your Zoom account and schedule a webinar with registration
  2. Once the Webinar is scheduled, scroll down to the Invite Attendees section and click Edit.
  3. Make sure Automatically Approve is enabled.
  4. Click Save All.
  5. (Optional) Disable confirmation emails, if you want to use automated emails through Infusionsoft:
    1. Click the Email Settings tab.
    2. Next to Confirmation Email to Registrants: Send upon registration, click Edit.
    3. Disable Send Confirmation Email to Registrants.
    4. Click Save.

Configuring the Campaign

  1. Login to Infusionsoft and go to the Campaign Builder page.
  2. Click Create my own Campaign in order to create a new campaign. (You can also add the registration sequence to an existing campaign).
  3. In the Campaign Tools section drag a snippet from the Goals section onto the campaign area. In this setup, we will configure a Web Form.
  4. Double-click the Goal and configure the form with First Name, Last Name, and Email (These are required to register a user for Zoom Webinars).
  5. Configure the design and layout as desired.
  6. Once complete, mark the form from Draft to Ready in the top right.
  7. In the Campaign Tools section, drag a Sequence snippet from the Sequences section into the campaign area.
  8. Double-click the blue icon in the bottom left corner of the sequence and select Runs until completed.
  9. Link the Goal from step 4 to the sequence.
  10. Double-click the newly created sequence.
  11. In the Sequence Tools section, locate the Process section and drag a Send HTTP Post snippet onto the campaign area.
  12. Double-click the Send HTTP Post snippet in order to configure the snippet.
  13. For the POST URL field, use the following URL and replace [webinar ID] with the Webinar ID number for the relevant webinar:[webinarID]
    Example: if the Webinar ID is 94306474639, the URL will be
  14. In the Name / Value Pairs section configure the following fields:
    • first_name = Contact.FirstName
    • last_name = Contact.LastName
    • email = Contact.Email
    • questions =
      Note: This field stays blank.
    • custom_questions =
      Note: This field stays blank.
    • webinarId = Your webinar number
      Example, webinarId = 94306474639
    • joinLinkField = Infusionsoft custom fields for the contact record
      Example, joinLinkField = _WebinarJoinLink2
  15. Mark the Send HTTP Post from Draft to Ready.
  16. Return to the Registration Sequence.
  17. In the Sequence Tools section, drag a Delay Timer to the campaign area. The minimum amount of time to delay should be 1 minute.
    1. For the Wait at least section, choose at least 1 Minute.
    2. For the Run on section, choose Any Day.
    3. In the last section, choose Between and configure between 12:00 AM and 11:45 PM or as desired.
    4. Click Save.
  18. In the Sequence Tools section, drag an Apply/Remove Tag onto the campaign area.
  19. Double-click the Apply Tag and choose a “Registered for Zoom Webinars” tag.
  20. Click Save.
  21. In the Sequence Tools section, drag an Email snippet into the campaign area.
  22. Double-click the Email snippet and configure any desired information. Be sure to include the unique join link for the user so they will be able to join the webinar.
  23. Add a link to the text.
  24. Highlight the text and click the Link icon from the toolbar.
  25. Choose Link to: Web address and in the field below enter: Contact._WebinarJoinLink and click Insert/Update.
    Note: If you have multiple webinar join links, enter the one that you selected in the HTTP Post section. For example, Contact._WebinarJoinLink2.
  26. Once complete, mark the email from Draft to Ready.
  27. Return to the Registration Sequence and then return to the main campaign area.
  28. In the Campaign Tools section, drag an Email Link clicked snippet to the campaign area.
  29. Double-click the snippet and choose the link created in step 17/18 and then return to the campaign area.
  30. In the Campaign Tools section, drag a Sequence snippet onto the campaign area.
  31. Double-click the snippet and drag an Apply/Remove Tag snippet into the sequence area.
  32. Double-click the Apply Tag and choose an “Attended Zoom Webinars” tag.
  33. Once added, click Save.
  34. Return to the main campaign area and ensure that all elements of the campaign are marked as ready. Be sure to check sub-elements to make sure all elements are ready and marked in sequence.
  35. Click Publish to publish your campaign.
    You now have a campaign that will register your prospects/customers for Zoom Webinars. It will tag them as registered and tag them as attended if they click the link to join.
    Note: Attendees must register through the Infusionsoft page to trigger the sequence and register your attendees in Zoom. If your attendees register through Zoom, they will not be added to Infusionsoft.

How your data is used

This app accesses the following information from Zoom: * Webinar Join Link: Provided to Infusionsoft to give to webinar registrants.

This app accesses the following information from Infusionsoft: * Email - Used to register/join a webinar * First/Last Name - Used to register/join a webinar

For additional help or technical support please submit a ticket.