Understanding Zoom Events expo

Expo is a feature in the Zoom Events product that allows event organizers to set up a virtual exhibition that connects attendees with other exhibitors and booths to discover more about their products and services.

Attendees can virtually explore and network, just as they would in person, on the expo floor. On the expo floor, you can enter a product booth, network with exhibitors, and interact with other attendees.

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Frequently asked questions about Zoom Events expo

Do I need to pay extra for the expo feature?

No. Expo is an optional feature that is available to you as long as you have a Zoom Events license.

Are there any additional restrictions on using expo?

The same restrictions for Zoom Events will also apply to expo, as it’s a feature of the Zoom Events product.

How many users can be in expo at any given time?

Expo supports up to 1,500 concurrent users on the expo floor per event. Zoom Events users will be shown a message if the expo floor is at capacity.

Note: The event organizer cannot increase the capacity per event.

What are spaces? How many are available for my booth?

Spaces are the different sessions in a booth. Based on the sponsorship level, a booth can have up to 4 spaces. Booth representatives (non-sponsored) and sponsor representatives (sponsored) will start their sessions for their respective booths before attendees can join.

What is chat in expo?

Expo chat allows for attendees to interact with each other, sponsors, speakers, booth owners, and other special-role users on the expo floor or within the expo booth. To use the chat feature as an attendee, your account admin must have the Zoom Events Chat feature enabled for your account.

As long as the user is in expo and is open to networking (which means open to chatting with others), you can initiate a 1:1 chat with that user.

What are booth resources?

Booth Resources is a location in the booth where attendees can view more information about the company and its products and services. Attendees can view videos and images, as well as download PDF files.

How do I know when expo is closing?

A system notification will be shown at the top of the page to inform all users that expo will be closing. There are several notifications when expo is about to close:

Once expo is closed, all users will automatically be taken back to the event lobby.

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