Opting out of Zoom Phone SMS

Zoom Phone can integrate with your current SMS provider.

Note: By opting out of Zoom for hosted SMS, any and all future SMS inquiries should be sent to the relevant third party. Once you have opted your numbers out of Zoom SMS, Zoom can no longer assist with SMS troubleshooting.

Prerequisites for opting out of Zoom Phone SMS

How to opt out of Zoom Phone SMS

Engage your preferred SMS vendor and have them request to Host SMS/MMS Messaging on the Zoom Phone numbers you'd like to opt out of.

From there, your SMS vendor will be able to send a request to NetNumber, or direct to the underlying carrier of the number(s).

If your SMS vendor has questions, or is unsure on how to proceed, feel free to contact us Here and make sure to follow the steps below.

Zoom will review, confirm receipt of the request, and advise once work has been completed.