Logitech Huddle Space (2-7 people)

For a Logitech-based huddle room that sits 2-7 people we recommend 1 TV display, an integrated camera, microphone and speaker device such as the Logitech Meetup that all connects to the Logitech Nuc PC. All equipment is wall-mounted behind the display allowing for easy access and installation.

The Logitech Tap is placed at the table, connected back to the Zoom Room computer at the wall via a Logitech Strong USB cable.

Click here for Logitech Zoom Rooms Solutions Overview.

Room Install: DIY
Room Size
: 2-7 people

Note: This setup may require professional assistance.


Equipment List

Display Components

Camera & Audio

Computer, Controller & Wired Sharing

Room Scheduler (Optional)

Cables & Supplies


Pictorial Diagram