Logitech Conference Room (9-19 people)

For a Logitech-based conference room that sits 9-19 people, two displays and computer can be used with a Logitech Rally Plus System acting as the PTZ camera, microphones and speakers. Three extra mics (total of 5) and mic hub will be added for optimal audio pickup and minimal failure points. Logitech Nuc and display hub are wall mounted for easy access and installation. A single cat cable between Rally hubs is used for all camera/mic/speaker connectivity over a single USB connection to the Logitech Nuc.

The Logitech Tap is placed at the table, connected back to the Zoom Room computer at the wall via a Logitech Strong USB cable.

Click here for Rally Plus related documentation.

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Room Install: DIY
Room Size
: 9-19 people

Note: This setup may require professional assistance.


Equipment List

Display Components

Camera & Audio System

Computer, Controller & Wired Sharing

Room Scheduler (Optional)

Cables & Supplies

Pictorial Diagram