Syncing external Zoom Meetings with the Zoom for Salesforce app


Zoom for Salesforce app users may choose to create Zoom Meetings using the Zoom web portal or Zoom desktop client. To sync the Zoom meetings into Salesforce as events, the Zoom for Salesforce integration reviews Zoom Meetings on the Zoom web portal and create events in Salesforce for matching contacts and leads.

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Accounts using this Zoom for Salesforce app can begin migrating to the new Zoom for Salesforce Lightning app, which will be supported long-term and supports additional Zoom products, including Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars, Zoom Phone, Zoom Contact Center, and Zoom Events. 

Learn more about how to migrate Zoom Meetings records, Zoom Webinars records, and Zoom Phone records in order to maintain historical records for interactions with contacts and leads. 

Prerequisites for enabling syncing of externally created Zoom Meetings with the Zoom for Salesforce app

How to configure background jobs

To enable and configure the background job:

  1. Sign in to Salesforce as an administrator.
  2. From the App Launcher, open Zoom Config.
  3. Under the Create Events for Non Salesforce Zoom Meetings for matching Contacts / Leads section, select the Active check box.
  4. Choose the start time and interval desired for the job.
  5. Click save.