Configuring LTI Pro 1.1 for Sakai

Sakai is a cloud-based LMS. The Zoom LTI integration with Sakai allows students and faculty to start and join Zoom meetings via a join link that is displayed on a Sakai course, share cloud recording links to the course, and auto-provision Zoom users when they first access Zoom via Sakai.

This article provides specific instructions for configuring Zoom’s LTI Pro with Sakai.

Note: Please ensure that LTI Pro has been installed and you are signed in to configure LTI Pro.

Configuring LTI Pro for Sakai

  1. Go to the LTI Pro application and Sign In and then click Manage and then click Configure.
    1. Click + Create to create new credentials.
    2. Choose LTI 1.1 and enter the name of LTI.

      After creating a new LTI credential, you will see an LTI 1.1 credential and configuration page which will have the LTI URL, LTI Key and LTI Secret which will be needed for configuring the LTI in the LMS. 
  2. Login to Sakai as an admin.
  3. Click Worksite Setup.
  4. Click the name of the class.
  5. Click Site Info.
  6. Click the Manage Tools tab.
  7. Scroll down and check the External Tool option.
  8. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.
  9. This will open the Customize tool instances page.
  10. For Title, name your external tool with a descriptive title, for example, Zoom Meetings.
  11. Click Continue.
  12. On the following page, click Finish to confirm and create the tool.
  13. You will now see your tool in the navigation bar. Click the icon (Zoom Meetings in this example).
  14. Click Edit.
  15. Configure the tool with the following information:
    • Remote Tool URL: Your LTI URL from Step 1.
    • Remote Tool Key: Your Zoom LTI Key from Step 1
    • Remote Tool Secret: Your Zoom LTI Secret from Step 1
    • Set Button Text: Name the tool as you would like it to show on the navigation.
    • Under Release Roster Information, check Send Email Addresses to External Tool, Send Names to External Tool, and Allow the External Tool to retrieve the course roster
  16. Click Update Options.

For additional troubleshooting, submit a request to Zoom Support.