Recommended settings for Home Office Zoom Rooms

A Zoom Room device optimized for a single user in a work from home environment is considered a Home Office Zoom Room (HZR) and has specific recommended settings. Certain settings, like creating a scheduling display, are not applicable to a HZR setup. Others, like nightly audio tests, are not recommended. If there is no mention of a specific setting on this page, then using the default is recommended.  

This article covers:


Pre-setup Checklist

How to setup a calendar

How to add a new Zoom Room

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an administrator and click Room Management, then click Zoom Rooms
  2. Click Add Room. It is best to enter the name of the home worker as the room name, for example "Jeff's Zoom Room". 
  3. Add a calendar (Optional).
  4. Set the room type to Zoom Room.
  5. Select a location and click Finish.

After performing the setup, send the home user the information that was personalized as part of the setup process:

How to configure the recommended settings

Locate the newly created Zoom Room on the Room Management page in the web portal and click Edit. Make the following recommended changes for a Home Office Zoom Room. If a setting is not listed below, then keep the default. 

Home Office Zoom Rooms in a business environment

It is recommend that these be configured as you would a common area Zoom Room so users can determine whether the room is busy or not.