Enabling auto sign-in with ZDM

Devices that are enrolled in Zoom's Mobile Device Management service (ZDM), or a third party MDM, can be assigned to a specific Zoom Room from the web interface. After being assigned, the Zoom Rooms app will be installed and signed into automatically.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for enabling auto sign-in with ZDM

Enabling Auto Sign-in for Mac Zoom Rooms:

Enabling Auto Sign-in for Windows Zoom Rooms:

Enabling Auto-Sign in for iOS Zoom Room controllers:

How to enable auto sign-in with ZDM

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal and click Room Management then click Zoom Rooms.
  2. Click Edit next to the Zoom Room you want to assign a device to.
  3. Click Assign Device under the Auto sign in room heading.
  4. Select the device from the drop down menu and choose a type, then click Save
  5. If you cannot locate your device in the drop down menu, click Assign unlisted device, then manually enter the serial number of the device you want to assign.