Using iDEAL as a Zoom payment method

Zoom accepts iDEAL as a payment method for customers who meet the eligibility criteria.

Note: Starting July 17, 2023, certain account owners and admins will notice a dedicated Plans and Billing section within their ADMIN menu.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for paying with iDEAL

Note: Online purchase of Cloud Recording, Zoom Phone, Audio Conferencing, and Conference Room Connector is not currently supported with this payment method.

How to use iDEAL as your Zoom payment method

  1. Start your purchase from the Zoom Plans and Pricing page and follow the instructions on screen.
  2. Once you reach the payment step, in the Payment Method section, click IDEAL.
  3. Click Place Order.
    You will be directed to confirm your email. By default, the same email for your Zoom account is automatically populated, but you can change it. This email will receive payment method notifications.
  4. Confirm the email and click Continue.
    You will be redirected to your bank account to authorize the transaction.
  5. Authorize the transaction.
    After the transaction authorization, your account will be set up almost immediately and you will receive an email confirming your subscription details.
  6. Once you receive confirmation, you can review your subscription and print your invoice after placing your order.

How to pay for invoices and account upgrades with iDEAL

To pay your invoices, make sure iDEAL is your payment method as stated in the How to use iDEAL as your Zoom payment method section, then your payment method will automatically be used without any further action needed.

If you used iDEAL as your payment method when purchasing a Zoom account, you can also purchase upgrades to your account using iDEAL. However, you cannot change your payment method to iDEAL through the Zoom web portal if your plan was originally purchased using a different payment method.