Using the Zoom Timer App

The Timer app by Zoom is a simple but important tool for improving time management skills and streamlining meetings. Additionally, the app includes a stopwatch function for tracking task durations.

Timers can be set for personal use or made visible to all participants, as well as an optional audio alarm. Preset timers are available, but timers can be custom durations as well.

When a timer is active, the user that set the timer will have a large countdown appear in the corner of their video tile. Additionally, a smaller version of the same countdown will appear in the top right corner of the meeting window, staying visible and ensuring everyone stays synchronized, even if the user that set the timer is not currently visible. When time is up, the app provides visual and optional auditory alerts.

Prerequisites for using the Zoom Timer app

How to install from the App Marketplace

As this app is developed by Zoom, this may not require admin pre-approval, depending on Marketplace admin settings. Additionally, when app is enabled, it doesn’t require additional authentication. 

To manually install the app: 

  1. Sign in to the Zoom Marketplace.
  2. Search for Timer.
  3. Click Add.
    Once installed, the app is displayed under the Apps section of the Zoom desktop client.

How to use the Zoom Timer App

Set a timer

The timer app can be started from within a Zoom meeting and from the Apps tab in the Zoom client. Users can manually set the timer or choose from convenient presets.

  1. Open the Timer app in the desktop client or during a meeting.
  2. Click the Timer tab.
  3. Enter the desired hours, minutes, and seconds using your keyboard or by using your mouse to click the up/down time toggles.
  4. (Optional) In the bottom left corner of the app, click the audio icon  to toggle the audio alarm when the timer runs out.
  5. (Optional)(In-meeting) In the bottom right corner of the app, click the Show timer to all toggle  to control if just you or all participants will see the timer.
  6. Click Start to begin the current timer.

The timer app can also be controlled with the following keyboard shortcuts:

Use the stopwatch

  1. Open the Timer app in the desktop client or during a meeting.
  2. Click the Stopwatch tab.
  3. Click Start to begin timing the current task.
  4. Click Pause to temporarily stop the timer or click Reset to clear the current time recording.

How to uninstall from the App Marketplace

  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace.
  2. Search for Timer and click the app. 
  3. Click Remove for the app.

Data Security

The application uses the zoomapp:inmeeting scope to allow users to open it during Zoom meetings, as well as to display the timer as part of the participant video. The app does not share any personal data.

See the full list of Zoom Apps SDK methods accessed by this app below: