Duplicating a Zoom Event

Duplicating a Zoom Event allows event creators to quickly and easily create events without having to go through the entire event creation workflow. You can create a new event by duplicating an upcoming, draft, or past event. Your new event will have the same information as the original event. You can also control the event duplication process by copying relevant parts of previously created events. You can select the parts of the event that you want to duplicate.

Upon duplicating an event, new dates are calculated and offset based on the event start time. Based upon the event start time, the subsequent event dates, registration dates, lobby dates, and expo dates are calculated, depending on the offsets in the source event instead of default values. After duplicating your event, you can update and edit the duplicate event with new information, as necessary.

You can also duplicate Zoom Sessions (recurring sessions and single-session) events.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for duplicating an event for Zoom Events

How to duplicate an event for Zoom Events

  1. Sign in to Zoom Events.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click the dropdown arrow  and select Across Hubs.
  3. In the left navigation menu, click Events.
  4. In the top-right corner, click Create Event.
  5. On the Duplicate Event or create a template card, click Start.
    You will see your upcoming, draft, and past events. 
  6. Click the Upcoming, Drafts, or Past tab.
  7. To the right of the event you want to duplicate, click Duplicate.
    A panel will appear.
  8. In the panel, select the event elements that you want to duplicate, then click Duplicate Event.
  9. Complete the Event Configuration and Registration & Join information.
  10. Click Save and Continue.

You can wait while your event is being duplicated or return to the list of your events. Once the event duplication is finished, you will be directed to the event's Overview tab.

How to understand duplicating an event

Review your duplicated event to ensure that it has correct, up-to-date event information.

Duplicate multiple sessions events

The following multiple sessions event elements will carry over in a duplicated event and they can also be updated:

The following event elements do not carry over and will need to be reset:


How to understand editing an event

Events’ date/time, ticket-sale window, and cancellation policy can be edited at any point before the sale of a ticket. Once a ticket has been sold, only the event’s copy and images, in addition to adding new ticket types, can be edited. For private tickets with invitees, the host can edit the ticket type to include more invitees after the event has been published.

If a host needs to change an event's date, time, or cancellation policy after a ticket has been sold, the host must cancel the event, refund the purchased tickets, and re-list the revised event.