AWDL affecting Zoom video quality

Apple communication services such as Airplay, AirDrop, and Sidecar utilize AWDL (Apple Wireless Direct Link), which is Apple’s own proprietary protocol for transferring files or media streaming between Apple products.

Affect of Airplay, AirDrop, and Sidecar on Zoom Meetings

While AWDL is actively transferring or streaming data, this network traffic is prioritized over other network traffic on the device, which causes the Zoom Meetings and Webinars network traffic to be de-prioritized and leaves less overall network bandwidth for Zoom data. 

Users should be aware that using these features may affect the video and audio quality of any Zoom Meetings or Webinars you are currently in. Zoom recommends avoiding use of these Apple features during Zoom Meetings or Webinars. If possible, use the in-meeting file transfer option to share files with participants in the meeting.