Understanding the attendee role in expo

Expo is a feature in the Zoom Events product that allows event organizers to set up a virtual exhibition that connects attendees with other exhibitors and booths to discover more about their products and services.

Attendees can virtually explore and network, just as they would in person, with the expo floor. On the expo floor, you can enter a product booth, network with exhibitors, and interact with other attendees.

This article covers:

Frequently asked questions about expo

Do I need a special ticket or an invitation to enter the expo?

No. Your registration to the event will give you access to expo, assuming the event has expo enabled.

Note: Expo start/end times are not always the same as the conference event’s start/end times.

How come I don’t see the expo icon?

The event you’re participating in may not be a conference type. Currently, only conference events support expo, but only if the event organizer enables it.

Note: Event organizers can set expo to have different start/end times than the conference event’s start/end times.

If the floor is at max capacity, will I be notified when there’s open space?

Currently, we do not have a notification for when a space is open. You would need to click the Expo tab occasionally to see if you can enter.

How do I chat with someone in expo?

When you choose to enable networking, your avatar will have a green ring around it, along with an Available to Network green heading in your virtual name tag. When you choose to disable networking, your avatar will have a gray ring around it, along with an Unavailable to Network gray heading in your virtual nametag.

As long as the other user has a green ring around their avatar (to show that networking is ‘on’), you should see the Chat button in the user’s profile. Clicking the Chat button will send a chat request to the other party. You can request to chat with other Attendees, Sponsors, guest Speakers, exhibitors, Booth Representatives, and so on. Please note if the other user has a gray ring around their avatar (networking ‘off’), you will not be able to see the Chat button in their profile.

How do I navigate around the expo floor?

Navigating around expo can be done using your mouse or keyboard. By clicking the location or direction you want to go, your avatar will move toward that location. You can also use the keyboard arrow keys to move your avatar. The mouse wheel, mouse pad, trackpad for zooming (2-finger pinch), and +/- keys will zoom in or out of the expo floor.

When are other avatars visible to me?

While you can view your avatar at all times, other attendees' avatars will appear once you start zooming in on the expo floor. You can use the Near Me feature to find users and booths that are near you.

Who can see my virtual name tag information?

Certain fields in the virtual name tag are optional, but, if publicly visible, any users in expo are able to view the information you provided.

What happens to my chat after I leave expo and come back at a later date or time?

Your 1:1 chats in expo will remain in the chat list for the duration of the event. If you chat with another user then leave expo and come back, you can continue your chat conversation as long as the other user is still in expo. If the other user is not present and you leave a chat message, the other user will not be aware and will not see the chat message until they return to expo.

Note: If the person you’re chatting with is no longer in expo, that conversation in your Chat List will not show up until the person re-joins expo.

Will my 1:1 chat with another user be saved for future events?

No, your 1:1 chats will be deleted 30 days after the event is closed and will not appear in any future events.

Can I block another user from chatting with me?

Yes. You can block other users from chatting with you. By blocking a user, you will no longer see your 1:1 chat, and the other user can no longer send you any chat messages. To block a user, open the chat list and click the ellipsis . Click Block Attendee to block the user from chatting with you.

Note: Once you block a user, you cannot unblock them.

Can I report a user in the 1:1 chat?

Yes, you can report another user that you had a 1:1 chat with. In the 1:1 chat conversation next to the other user’s name, hover over and click the ellipsis . Click Report User.