Frequently asked questions about the new Zoom payment address for check payments

Customers may have received an email notification that Zoom’s payment lockbox is moving to a new location. This email is a valid notification, but the recipient name and payment address were incorrect.

Note: No new W9 is required; this is simply a change in the payment address location.

Ensure that you mail check payments to the following address:

This change goes into effect on November 5, 2021. To ensure prompt payment application, please update your AP system to reflect the new address above.

This article covers:

What happened?

Customers received an email alerting them to a change in the payment address for check payments. This was a legitimate email sent from Zoom, as our new payment address will be changed from San Francisco to Los Angeles on November 5, 2021.

However, we were made aware of the error in the Zoom company payment name and address after the email was delivered to customers.

Was this a SPAM/phishing attempt?

No. While the email did contain an error related to Zoom’s name and address, this was not a scam email or phishing attempt. The address change is a legitimate event, and customers will need to note a change for any check mailings in the future, though not the name or address from the original email.

Is Zoom changing its name?

We are not changing our name. We remain Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

I haven’t seen the email yet. What is the new payment address?

The correct name and address are as follows:

Do I need a new W9 since Zoom changed its address?

A new W9 is not needed in this case. Our W9 is not changing because our corporate address is not changing.