Zoom error message "This recording does not exist. (3,301)"

When you receive error code 3301, you will see the message, "This recording does not exist. (3,301)." If you are receiving error code 3301, the reason usually is that the recording is either in the trash or permanently deleted. Additionally, if the user/host of the meeting was deleted/removed from your account, the deleted user's cloud recordings will also be permanently removed.

Note: If this error appears, it means that the recording has been deleted already.

This article covers:

How to resolve Zoom error code 3301

Ensure that recovery of deleted cloud recordings from trash is enabled

Ensure that the setting, Allow recovery of deleted cloud recordings from Trash, is enabled for the account. If you belong to an account, contact the account owner or admin to have them enable this setting.

After enabling Allow recovery of deleted cloud recordings from Trash, deleted cloud recordings will be kept in the trash for 30 days. These files will not count as part of the total storage allowance. This setting cannot be locked by admins. The host can delete cloud recordings.

Recover the deleted meeting from Trash 

  1. Access your recording trash.
  2. In the recording trash, find the deleted meeting.
  3. Recover the deleted meeting.

Ensure that you copy only the recording URL

When you use the Copy button (for the shareable link), ensure that you only copy the recording URL. When both the recording URL and password are copied and pasted into the browser, you will receive the 3301 error code.

When you copy and paste just the recording URL into a browser, it will work.

Contact Zoom Support

Submit a request to Zoom Support for troubleshooting assistance. Please provide the following: