Green Room Process

Protecting your Zoom Virtual Events - “Green Rooms”

There are several things to keep in mind when hosting virtual events with Zoom. The first step is controlling who can access your meetings or webinars. Maintaining who can un-mute, share screen, chat, and more is essential, but keeping a tight rein on the actual attendees is the starting point for any secure event. For webinars, registration[link] can help with this. Still, for meetings when you need video participation and cameras with your audience, it is essential to remember that the meeting ID is easily shared, allowing someone who is not invited to join. 

For meetings that will broadcast as part of a more massive event, we suggest using “Green Rooms.” While waiting rooms are a feature of Zoom, green rooms are behavior in how we use Zoom, adding a layer of verification that everyone joining is indeed an expected guest and can be trusted with their interactivity in the meeting.

The green room is a separate Zoom meeting outside of your main event. In the green room meeting, a participant’s identity is confirmed, and the name, avatar, audio, and video that they will use for joining the main broadcast meeting will be checked. At that time, the participant will be given a moment to ask any questions that they might have about Zoom and/or the experience.

Greenroom Flow

  1. Attendees are invited with one or more meeting IDs that belong to their assigned green room (the actual meeting ID used for the main event is not sent, so it cannot be shared)
  2. Participants join the green room meeting (either by clicking a link or manual ID/password input) and joining its waiting room.
  3. The green room host allows them into the green room meeting after confirming their name on the participant list.
  4. The host requests to turn on audio and video (and troubleshoot if necessary)
  5. After confirming all of those, the green room host sends a link to join the main meeting via in-meeting chat. 
  6. The green room host and main meeting host keep in contact to track which users are coming through the green room process and only allow those into the main meeting. If the link is shared at this point and someone has not been through the green rooms, they will not be admitted from the main meeting's waiting room.

Greenroom Slide

To quickly bring your participants up to speed and reinforce the rules, we suggest sharing a slide similar to this one in your green rooms. This helps participants who need technical help and reminds them of the key rules of their joining. 

Greenroom rules:

Greenroom best practices:

Green Room Legal Disclaimer:

Greenroom Slide Please copy and style accordingly 

Moderator guide for Green Rooms/Segments

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As a moderator for green rooms, you will be responsible for checking people in, accepting them into the meeting from the waiting room, helping them troubleshoot video and audio issues (if there are any), and getting them ready until they join the main event. 

Checking in


Forwarding the guest to the main event

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