Creating charts in Zoom Whiteboard

Users can create various visual representations using chart and graph tools. This feature supports a range of uses, including presenting information, summarizing decisions, assessing sentiment, and tracking project timelines — all directly within the interactive whiteboard.

Prerequisites for creating charts in Zoom Whiteboard

How to create charts in Zoom Whiteboard

  1. Create or open a whiteboard.
  2. On the toolbar on the left side of the screen, click the More Tools icon .

    3. Click Chart then select from the available chart options:

    • Bar Chart Vertical: This chart represents data with vertical bars, where the length of each bar corresponds to the value it represents.
    • Bar Chart Horizontal: This chart is similar to the vertical bar chart, but the bars are displayed horizontally.
    • Line Chart: This chart displays data points over a continuous line, often used to show trends or changes over a period.
    • Pie Chart: This is a circular statistical graphic that is divided into slices to illustrate numerical proportions, where each slice represents a percentage of the whole.
  3. Drag and drop the selected chart to your preferred area on the whiteboard.

How to manage the Whiteboard chart

To manage the Whiteboard chart, click the chart and select one of the following actions:

Change the chart type

Select the chart and click the chart icon. The chart icon depends on the type of chart you have selected. Choose from other available chart types.

Edit the chart data

Lock the chart

Select the chart and click the lock icon to lock the chart, preventing other users with edit access from accidentally modifying the chart data.

More options

Select the chart and click the ellipsis icon to see more options: