Zoom Compliance Manager archiving solution FAQ

What is this new offering?

Zoom Compliance Manager connects our existing archiving functionalities directly with Theta Lake as the archiving service, making it easier and more streamlined for you to archive your Meetings, Webinars, and Team Chat messages.

How is this different from Zoom’s existing archiving features?

This product builds upon the archiving solutions we already have, providing a direct connection to Theta Lake archiving services and consolidating billing for Zoom and Theta Lake services.

Zoom’s archiving functionalities are still available for manual configuration with Theta Lake or any other third-party service.

What Zoom products are compatible with this product?

This will be compatible with all Zoom products currently supported by our standard archiving functionality, including Zoom Mail, Team Chat, Meetings, Webinars, and Phone.

How is this different from the standalone ThetaLake offering?

Not only is this product sold by Zoom, it is also managed through the Zoom web portal. It can therefore help reduce the number of accounts and billing invoices you manage as part of your account’s regulatory requirements.

Is this compatible with CMK (Customer-Managed Key)?

Yes, this is compatible with all Zoom products supported by CMK.

How much will this cost?

More pricing details will be provided in early 2024.

Is this available for all customers globally?

Yes, this will be available for all Zoom customers.

When will this be available?

More details will be provided in early 2024.